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Communicating your business goals effectively and efficiently

Budget Pie Chart.png

An infographic showcasing Sarene’s design skills in Canva and her ability

to condense information into

accessible content.

A data journalism article including two self-made infographics showcases Sarene’s ease in the journalism space, as well as her document design skills.


A PowerPoint presentation demonstrating Sarene’s ability to create a successful content marketing strategy.


A comprehensive podcast pitch exemplifying Sarene's comfort in the business writing space.

Sunset Yoga
Working on Laptop

An email demonstrating Sarene’s expertise with intraoffice business communication, specifically on

delicate subjects (loss of

benefits, etc.).

A video advertisement script exemplifying Sarene’s knowledge of content production.

Fruits and Vegetables

A nonprofit grant proposal demonstrating Sarene’s excellence

at long-form business writing assignments.


A self-created and designed newsletter, containing crucial material for most content marketing campaigns. 

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